How to Choose the Right Office Signs for Business

Custom Office Signs for Business in Los Angeles

With so many types of office signs on the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Not only will you want to select just the right signs to achieve your goals, but you need to consider a reliable signage partner. This will help ensure you have a professional sign shop on your side to guide you in choosing the right signs and further bringing them to life through design, creation, and installation.

If you find yourself unsure where to start, begin by answering these questions:

  1. What Are Your Goals for Office Signage? Before you do anything else, you need to first establish your objectives. For example, is your goal for your signs to advertise your offerings, add to your office décor, inspire employees, or something else? Once you’ve narrowed down how you hope to use your signs, you’ll be able to better answer the remaining questions.
  2. Who Is Your Target Audience? You can fine tune your signage strategy by identifying your target audience. While business signs will likely be used to target potential clients and guests, decorative and inspiring signs are more likely directed at employees.
  3. Where Will Your Signs Be Installed? With your objectives and audience in mind, you can now consider locations for your signs. These locations will vary based on the layout of your business. As an example, promotional signs for guests are best suited for your lobby or a meeting space. Signs for employees are well suited for work areas and the staff lounge.
  4. What Esthetic Are You Hoping to Achieve? Every office will have a distinct mood that signs can help emphasize. For some offices, this may be a calm, professional environment that’ll benefit from modern, streamlined signs. Other spaces may be more energetic and creative, benefitting from colorful, vibrant custom office signs.
  5. Which Office Signage Will You Benefit From? There are a wide range of options to select from. If your goal was to advertise your offerings, you may opt for a versatile sign type like wall graphics that are cost-effective and can be changed when needed. If you’re looking to enhance your office décor or inspire employees, a wall mural can transform select areas of your business.
  6. Will You Opt for Custom Office Signs? To make the most of your signage investment, be sure to consider personalized signs. You’ll be able to incorporate your branding and achieve just the look you need to make your signs stand out.

To guide you through the entire signage process from end to end, connect with LA Sign Studio. We offer a range of signs for offices in addition to custom signs. Our professional team utilizes a fulsome process so that you get a full range of support from the initial consultation through to the final installation of your signs.

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