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Have you ever looked at your Los Angeles business space and thought what it would be like to use floor graphics for advertising? This is the time to do so, if you haven’t.

Floors are not the first place we normally think of using for promotional signage. However, there are several types of signage that are very effective in this location.

At LA Sign Studio, we understand how valuable space is in a business, especially small to medium-sized businesses. Custom floor graphics can simultaneously represent your brand and give you back valuable space to use for alternative purposes.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Uses of Custom Floor Decals

Wondering how this signage can boost your business’s success? After we complete the installation, your floor decals will transform a previously dull and less than memorable floor space into an eye-catching advertisement with its vivid colors and designs. There are several ways to get creative with the different types of floor graphics, and all will benefit your business.

What is featured on your custom floor stickers will dictate how people interact with them. If it displays a promotion that is occurring, customers may seek out more information about this product or service your business is offering. If it is a wayfinding sign, which provides directions to popular areas, watch how customers find them effortlessly. Your Los Angeles business can even uplift morale with fun, branded sayings or designs. The sky is the limit, and we are ready to help you fly.

Another benefit of this type of graphic is that they can either be temporary or permanent. If a promotion is only available for a couple of months, removable floor graphics are the perfect solution.

Handicap Symbol Adhesive Floor Sign in Los Angeles

Custom Vinyl Floor Signs

Custom floor decals are always a fantastic option for your business. They offer all the benefits of standard decals, while also allowing you to match your advertising to your brand perfectly. Take control of the material, style, color, font, design, and much more when you choose to customize your vinyl floor decals.

If you’re not sure about how to maximize floor decals for your Los Angeles business, rely on our custom graphics experts in LA to guide you. Through a quick consultation, they will determine what you would like to accomplish with your signage, as well as what floor decal will make your goals come true.

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Let us make your search for an excellent sign company in Los Angeles effortless. The team at LA Sign Studio has been helping businesses for years by creating unique signage that proudly represents their brands and achieves their goals. You will love the process we have designed over the years, as it is collaborative and guarantees you’ll receive signs that you love.

If you’re looking to explore how custom floor signs can boost your business, we are ready to show you.

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