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Custom Pylon Signage for Business

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It is likely you’ve seen pylon signs while walking or driving through Los Angeles, whether near a mall or a highway. If yes, then you’ve shown that this type of sign works to catch people’s attention from near and far. Their size makes them hard to miss and thus a great marketing strategy for your business.

Custom Pylon Signage for Business

If you’re wondering where to find help with pylon sign installation, look no further than LA Sign Studio. Our Los Angeles sign company is equipped with a team of experts, high-quality equipment, and a strive for excellence. We want to see your business thrive, and we know that great signage is a way to achieve that.f 

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Learn More About the Types of Pylon Signs

If you’re still not sure what a pylon sign is, that’s okay. It is a freestanding sign that is raised from 20 to 80 feet off the ground. Whether supported by one or two poles, this type of outdoor sign is perfect to promote your Los Angeles business due to its height, visibility, and many other benefits. 

When it comes to selecting the pylon sign, it is essential to know which one will best benefit your business. Illuminated pylon signs are an excellent example of signage that is extremely visible at night. If your business is open late or you want 24/7 advertising, this is the one for you.

One of our favorite options is custom pylon signs, and we’ll tell you why. Signage is most effective when it represents a business through branding and continues their mission. Customizing your pylon signs allows you control over every element, such as color, support, illumination, design, and much more. Guarantee the sign we create will be perfect by going custom for your commercial pylon signs.

Uses of Pylon Signs

There are so many uses for this sign solution to consider. The most prominent is advertising. Given the height of these signs, they draw attention from people both walking and driving. Pylon signs in LA command attention from near and far, as they are extremely visible. The more eyes on your signage, the more awareness your brand will build. 

These commercial signs can be installed in areas where signage isn’t traditionally placed, such as highways, near tall buildings, and in complexes with many businesses. They act as a wayfinding sign to help customers find your business more easily.

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Our process at LA Sign Studio is designed to be effortless for each business we partner with. From the initial design to the installation, our Los Angeles team works hard to ensure you receive the highest quality signage that your business can be proud of. You can kick start the process by requesting a quote.
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