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Wayfinding Ceiling Signs for Hospitals in Los Angeles

Wayfinding Ceiling Signs in Los Angeles

The most creative business owners use any opportunity to advertise their company, products, and services. Besides your walls and floors, a space that is often overlooked is the ceiling. Ceiling signs and handing wayfinding signs are a fantastic way of using your entire space to your advantage.


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What is a Ceiling Sign?

Any signage that is suspended from your ceiling. It allows you to display valuable information without using equally as valuable floor space. Ceiling hanging signs also can be seen from a great distance without any obstruction that may impede signage that is mounted on a wall or displayed on the ground.

Uses for Ceiling Signs

The benefits of ceiling signs correlate to the way that you decide to utilize them.

If your lobby or reception area has counters with different purposes, drop ceiling signs are an excellent way of communicating with your customers where they need to go when they walk through the front doors. Prevent any confusion or frustration by focusing on making your customer’s journey as efficient and seamless as possible.

Wayfinding signs are the perfect signage solution to navigate around your business effortlessly. When wayfinding ceiling signs are used, they are highly visible, making it even easier to find important locations quickly.

Advertising is another excellent reason for using this type of signage. Both outdoor and indoor hanging ceiling signs can be used to display the business’s name, slogan, logo, or even promotional campaigns. The more visible your signage is the more likely brand recall, recognition, and loyalty will form. Build your brand today with ceiling signs.

Finding a Reputable Sign Company in Los Angeles

Look no further than LA Sign Studio for your business’s signage needs. Our team strives for excellence, creativity, and innovation in each project, which is exactly what is necessary when producing ceiling signs.

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Types of Ceiling Signs

The following are the different options of ceiling signs that you may choose from:

  • Acrylic signs
  • Sandblasted signs
  • LED ceiling signs
  • Drop ceiling signs
  • PVC
  • Vinyl banners
  • Aluminum ceiling signs
  • Wayfinding ceiling signs
  • Indoor ceiling signs

Each type requires its own specifications, which impacts the cost of the ceiling signs. When your business partners with our team, we first understand what objectives your business has for its signage, and then we decide on the type of signage that would best accomplish them. To learn more about your investment, contact us today for a quote.

Ceiling Signs in Los Angeles Near You

Reclaim the valuable space in your Los Angeles business by investing in ceiling signs.

Here at LA Sign Studio, our team of professionals is equipped to create beautiful, eye-catching signage that garners attention from potential customers, clients, guests, and employees alike. Be the company that takes advantage of creative opportunities to advertise their business and stand out from the rest.

Contact us today at LA Sign Studio to discuss ceiling sign options in Los Angeles.