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If you’re entering a business for the first time and don’t know where to turn, chances are you’re not alone. New customers, new employees, visitors, contractors, and more guests could be experiencing this same feeling when entering your Los Angeles, CA facility. That’s what makes signage and wayfinding signs so important.

Signage that supports wayfinding is critical in business. Not only will helpful signs support guests, but they also speak volumes about your brand. Oftentimes, this signage could be a visitor’s first interaction with your company. You can position your business favorably by outfitting your facility with signage that points out where people need to go and how to get there.


What type of signage are you looking for?
Custom Wayfinding Signs For Offices In Los Angeles

What Are Wayfinding Signs?

Navigational signage provides directions on how to move through your facility. This can contribute to guests having a positive experience with your business. Plus, if guests are often interrupting your employees to ask for directions, business signage can mitigate these disruptions and allow your visitors to navigate successfully on their own.

The process of designing, creating, and installing these signs requires a distinct strategy. That’s where LA Sign Studio comes in. We’re prepared to support your business in Los Angeles, CA in implementing these signs. We’re well-versed in effective signage strategies, including compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

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Types of Directional Signage to Consider

The specific types of signs your business needs may differ from others. If you’re not sure which signs to consider or where to install them, you can rely on our team to guide you.

Some of the types of signs available include:

  • Acrylic wayfinding signs
  • ADA wayfinding signs
  • Building directional signage
  • Custom directory signs
  • Office wayfinding signage
  • Wayfinding floor signage

Where Are Signs Needed in Your Los Angeles, CA Business?

Knowing where to place helpful signage in your business involves looking at the visitor journey. You’ll want to consider how guests arrive at your facility, along with where and how you can best support their experience.
This may include outdoor wayfinding signage that directs them to visitor parking, your front entrance, a pick-up area, or another key location. Once they step inside, interior wayfinding signage plays an important role. It can guide guests to specific destinations in your facility along with the restrooms, elevators, and more spaces.

Custom Directional Signage for Offices in Los Angeles

Custom Directional Signage in Los Angeles, CA

Don’t forget that custom wayfinding signs can be personalized for your business. This means being able to create signs that reflect your brand while still supporting your guests and complying with ADA requirements. Our team will guide you in this regard so that you receive compliant signs that represent your business. Each sign will then act as a touchpoint to not only support your guests, but brand recall too.

Looking for Wayfinding Signage Manufacturers?

Connect with us at LA Sign Studio for signs in Los Angeles, CA. We offer interior directional signs and exterior directional signage to cover all your signage needs. Plus, our process covers everything for you to receive quality signage. From the initial consultation, through to design, creation, and installation — we oversee it all.

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