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Level up your office space in Los Angeles and communicate with guests by using a range of interior office signs that make a positive impact. It’s true that exterior signs have an important role to play in branding your business and getting noticed in the community. However, interior signs in your office will greet guests when they arrive, provide helpful information, and contribute to stunning interior spaces.

For a full suite of signs that will enhance your business, connect with LA Sign Studio. We offer a range of innovative sign solutions and will support you in developing a fulsome signage strategy for your business in Los Angeles.


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Company Signs For Offices

What is Office Signage?

Signs in your office serve a range of purposes. From branding your space to providing information, directions, and more details — you can rely on your signs to be reliable visual communication tools. You also have the opportunity to take your signs one step further with customization. Custom signs are crafted with your brand in mind and showcase your business logo, colors, graphics, and fonts. Your custom signs will set your business apart and can help keep your business top of mind.

Types of Custom Office Signs

Several types of signs can be personalized to suit the unique needs of your Los Angeles business. Here are some signage options to select from:

Acrylic Office Signs

Showcase a sleek, modern sign made of acrylic. They make excellent lobby signs, directory signs, nameplates, restroom signs, and door signs.

Custom Office Plaques

Create nameplates, door signs, and other plaques that will help people navigate through your facility quickly and easily.

Medical Office Signs

Outfit your medical office with all the signs needed to support the right guest experience. Consider wayfinding signs, door signs, and other signs to inform guests.

Office Logo Signs

Showcase your business logo in your lobby with a stunning sign that impresses guests. Create winning first impressions with an acrylic sign, dimensional letters, and more in your office.

Uses of Company Signs for Offices in Los Angeles

With so many types of signs available, there are a wide range of ways you can use them to benefit your business, as well as the guest experience:


Set your business apart with a suite of stunning custom signs that showcase your branding and create a cohesive look throughout your office.


Showcase details of your offerings and help guests make informed purchasing decisions with signs that support your advertising goals.


Keep guests safe, informed, and supported through ADA signs, wayfinding signs, safety signs, and more helpful signage.


Offer details about your business, news, and events to keep everyone in your facility informed through clear, concise signage.

Custom Office Signage In Los Angeles

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LA Sign Studio is your complete signage provider for a wide range of custom office signs for walls. Our team will support you in developing a signage strategy for all the signs your office needs. Then, we’ll oversee all stages of bringing them to life through our design, manufacturing, and installation services.
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