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Real estate signs are a crucial part of real estate advertising. The use of this signage is what informs potential customers of a company’s services, an open house location, and the invitation to visit. 

Given realtor signs are temporarily placed to display important information and generate business, it is imperative that they are eye-catching and unique. Despite being a standard tool for the real estate industry, stand out from your competitors by using custom real estate signs.

Are you looking for a real estate sign company near you? Look no further than LA Sign Studio. We are determined to create unique, beautiful, and informative signage for business owners like yourself. Our team is even equipped to assist with the real estate signpost installation in LA for hanging signs or banners.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Types of Custom Real Estate Signs

Whether you are advertising your Los Angeles business, helping a client promote themselves, or promoting a product, there is a sign for it. Here are some of the sign options you should consider:

  • Hanging real estate signs
  • Posts
  • Country signs
  • A-frames
  • Rider frames
  • Introverted L-shaped sign
  • Open house signs
  • Riders
  • Feather flags
  • H-frame sign
  • Billboards
  • Commercial real estate signs

The range of cost of real estate signs is dependent on a variety of factors, such as material used, size, customization, and many more.

Uses of Commercial Real Estate Signs

Real estate agents are extremely familiar with these uses; however, for everyone else, the following reasons will shed some light on why you should be searching for our real estate sign printing company in Los Angeles: 


Like commercial business signage, finding a proper location is essential to the overall success of the sign and thus the business. Use the type of real estate signage to your benefit by finding the placement that best accentuates it. For example, a real estate yard sign should be placed in the middle of a house’s lawn to draw attention to its location.

Provide the right information

Too little information and customers are confused, but too much and they are overwhelmed. Including your company’s name, contact information, and any additional imperative information is the perfect amount to make your signage effective and succinct.


Create a beautiful sign for your Los Angeles business that understands the balance between information and creativity. The more attractive a sign is, the more likely onlookers will stop and consider reading it.

How to Find the Best Real Estate Sign Installation in Los Angeles

Your search for an amazing realtor sign company will yield LA Sign Studio as its result. We are the real estate sign printing in Los Angeles for all your business signage needs. We collaborate with our partners from the initial design to the installation process and guarantee that the result aligns effortlessly with your business’s brand. 

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