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Try out one of the most versatile signage solutions for your Los Angeles business today.

What is a custom decal? They are vinyl adhesives that can be applied to any smooth surface and customized to cater to your brand needs. From your office walls to windows to company vehicles, these vinyl decals transform a dull surface into an eye-catching advertisement.


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For uniquely crafted and customized decals made in Los Angeles, check out LA Sign Studio. Our team uses innovation, creativity, and teamwork to help businesses grow and thrive through signage solutions. Connect with our team today to discuss how custom stickers can elevate your Los Angeles business.

Types of Decals

The versatility of decals offers a range of applications that can be catered to your business needs.

Window decals are the perfect way to promote your business right from the entrance. Use your windows to catch the attention of passersby and display important information that potential customers need to know.

Prevent having a dull office space with wall decals. Whether with a full wall decal or a couple of smaller decals, create a long-lasting impression on anyone who enters your business with a beautifully artistic wall display.

Be creative with your advertising methods and reclaim valuable space by using floor decals. This type of decal is perfect for wayfinding or directional signs. Point your customers towards exciting promotions or popular areas and watch your business soar.

Expand your marketing reach by adding removable decals to your company vehicles. It is the perfect solution for any temporary promotions your business may have, and using vehicle decals increases the visibility of your brand and thus brand recognition.

Benefits & Uses of Decals

With these stickers, you can gain the following benefits for your Los Angeles business:

Boost your brand

With a high level of customization available, decals can be catered specifically to your brand guidelines. Advertise your business creatively with this signage option and watch your brand soar.

Promote products or services

Promoting the launch of new products and services is imperative to gaining customer curiosity and interest. Temporary and permanent decals are available to cater to the kind of promotion you’re doing.

Seasonal décor

Printed decals are an effortless way of showing seasonal spirit at your business. With a temporary decal option, you can showcase seasonal products and then reuse them every year.

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Want to know the cost of decals, customization options, and much more? Contact LA Sign Studio today to discuss what your vision is and how we can bring it to life. We are excited to learn more about your business, so that we can help it thrive through our signage solutions.

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