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Dimensional Letter Signs for Businesses

Los Angeles Dimensional Letter Signs for Businesses

Make a bold statement that stands out in Los Angeles with dimensional sign letters.

What are Dimensional Sign Letters?

They are three-dimensional letters that spell out a business’s name or logo, adding depth that makes them hard to miss. They are usually located on the business’s storefront to identify the building and advertise the brand to customers. These three-dimensional office signs are usually made with metal, aluminum, or acrylic, making them excellent outdoors.


What type of signage are you looking for?
Custom 3D Signs & Letters in Los Angeles

Custom 3D Signs & Letters in Los Angeles

LA Sign Studio is ready to give you professional support for designing, creating, and installing the most impactful kind of signage we offer. Let our team walk you through our process, and you will have the most beautiful, eye-catching dimensional sign when we are finished.

Types of Dimensional Letter Signage

Attract the most attention for your business possible by using different types of dimensional letters in LA.

Outdoor 3D letters are an excellent choice for your business, as they command attention when they are mounted above your storefront. Watch customers flock to your business, like bees to flowers. The more attention your business receives, the more likely potential customers will walk through your front door.

Why have all the fun outside when you can bring it into your lobby or reception area? Indoor 3D letters guarantee that your business will be memorable for anyone – client, guest, or customer – who comes to visit.

Keep your storefront simple and elegant by using a 3D building logo. Stand out from your competitors by showcasing how your business only needs your logo on its storefront to be identified by customers.

Not sure where to start? Our team at LA Sign Studio is ready to help guide your signage journey with us.

Custom Dimensional Letters/ 3D Logos

Want to take your Los Angeles business to the next level? Generic 3D letters won’t garner the attention your business deserves.

Explore the many areas of customization that are available to you when deciding on what kind of 3D letters or building logos you’re looking for. If your business is open all day or at night, backlit dimensional letters are a perfect fit. Your business sign will turn heads as it glows in the night sky.

Other elements that can customized include but are not limited to:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material used
  • Illumination
  • Additional design elements
  • And many more

To learn more about the cost of dimensional sign letters, contact our team for a quote.

Uses of Dimensional Letters

We have broken down the main uses for dimensional signs to show you why you need this type of signage:


The materials used for this signage solution are resistant to all kinds of weather. Stainless steel dimensional letters are an excellent choice for outdoors, as they are long-lasting and maintain their captivating abilities long after they are installed.


They are easy to read, see, and look at when done by the right team of professionals. Its three-dimensional quality provides an attractiveness and depth that no other sign option does.


See unmatched versatility with dimensional letters, as you can customize any element of them. Highlight your brand through your signage easily and effortlessly.


Elevate any outdoor or indoor space with such a bold signage option. Incorporate your business’s branding through customization, and you’re off to the races.

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Work with a team that you can trust at LA Sign Studio. We strive for excellence, innovation, and teamwork during all projects we take on. Creating the perfect dimensional sign letters for your brand is our promise to you. Our process is seamless and collaborative, as we treat our clients as partners.

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Custom 3D Signs & Letters in Los Angeles