Why Monument Signs Are So Popular for Outdoor Advertising?

Custom Monument Signs for Business in Los Angeles

Monument signs are a popular choice for outdoor advertising, and for good reason. This large, impressive sign type boasts many benefits when it comes to promoting a company and landmarking a business location. 

If you’re considering this type of sign for your business, we invite you to connect with us at LA Sign Studio to get started. Here are several advantages that you can look forward to: 

  • Commanding Attention at Your Entryway. These signs are positioned outside a business, whether it be on the front lawn, close to the street, or near the driveway. These are key locations for getting noticed. Motorists and passersby will be sure to spot your signs, which can help generate buzz for your business. 
  • Helping Prospects Find Your Business. If new customers are travelling to your location to the first time, these signs can help guide them. On the last leg of their journey, a large custom monument sign will direct them to your business and let them they they’ve arrived at the right location. 
  • Providing Information Guests Need With Monument Signs for Business. In addition to advertising your business, these signs can display information about your company. This may include your hours of operation, phone number, and additional details. If people are passing by and not available to step inside, this information can help them get in touch with you and/or return to do business another time. 
  • Welcoming Guests Through an Impactful Sign. Some businesses use these signs to provide a greeting or other message. In many instances, this outdoor sign will be a customer’s first interaction with your business. Displaying a custom message or warm greeting will position your business favorably from the start. 
  • Listing Tenants in a Facility Using Monument Signs for Business. In a shopping mall, business park, or other multi-tenant facility, this type of sign is commonly used. It can list multiple businesses to attract customers and let them know which companies are located on site. 
  • Creating Custom Monument Signs to Stand Out. Choose from different custom signage materials, sizes, and displays to give your sign a unique look. You can also add illumination to your sign for more visibility. This will help your sign stand out at night and in harsh weather conditions so that it promotes your business all the time. 

If you’re ready to start exploring options for your own sign, connect with us at LA Sign Studio. In addition to monument signs, we offer a range of outdoor signs to advertise your business. Reach out to learn more and discuss your project ideas. Call 310-684-1072 for a consultation today.  




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