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Custom Signs for Corporate Branding in Los Angeles

Are you looking for custom business signs but don’t know which to choose? Do you need personalized signs that elevate your brand and establish your reputation? Put your trust in LA Sign Studio, a maker of custom signs near Los Angeles.

We service the Los Angeles area by assisting businesses with their Los Angeles custom signs. We take your custom signage needs seriously and guarantee premium materials, excellent customer service, and a finished result that will make other businesses envious of you.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Types of Custom Signage

There are many different kinds of custom business signs. We’ve outlined the most popular ones below: 

Since there are so many different types of signage, the cost of custom signs is hard to evaluate before we learn more about your project. Once you book a consultation with us, we’ll ask you questions to learn everything we can about your project. Once we have the details, we’ll be able to give you an estimate.

No matter what kind of personalized sign you choose, we’ll be sure to bring your vision to life in the most perfect way.

Uses of Custom Business Signage

No matter how they are designed or what type of custom business sign you’ve decided to invest in, they all come with a wide range of benefits and uses, such as:


They can be used to promote products, services, or even events. Custom banners for tradeshows are a great example of this. They can help business owners reach their target audience quickly while still coming across in a visually appealing way.


By using the right colors, graphics, and other brand elements, companies can create a design that establishes their place within the community and reinforces their brand identity. This builds loyalty with customers.


They can also be used to help people navigate a space, no matter how large or small. By using clear text and graphics, they can make visitors feel more comfortable in an environment.


Promote a safe environment in an aesthetically pleasing way! Businesses can warn people of hazards, point them toward exits, or present instructional information in case of an emergency.


Naturally, they can simply also be used as decoration. Whether you want to create an engaging retail space, an old-fashioned restaurant, or create a modern and sleek office space, signage can do it all.

Now that you know all about the types and uses of custom made signs, it’s time to put your trust in a Los Angeles custom sign company.

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Your Custom Sign Makers in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for custom signs near you, look to LA Sign Studio in Los Angeles. We are ready to deliver the best possible signage for your business in order to gain new customers, keep current ones returning, and increase your revenue.

Contact us today so we can get started on your custom specialty signs in Los Angeles.


At LA Sign Studio, we are your partner in crafting effective and impactful signs. We work with our customers to understand their brand, goals, and vision, so that we can develop and execute innovative signage strategies. Our team of experienced designers will guide you through the signage design, creation, and installation process to deliver high-quality signs.
The first step in choosing the right type of business sign for your unique needs is determining the purpose of the sign. What goals do you want the sign to achieve, or challenges do you want it to combat? How do your customers feel when they see it? Once you know the answers to these questions, we can provide tailored signage recommendations.
At LA Sign Studio, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and the very best signs for our customers. To do this, we use premium materials along with state-of-the-art technology and techniques. You can rely on the quality and durability of our signs to support your business well into the future.
Custom signs can be crafted for both indoor and outdoor use, and we’re happy to work with you to develop a strategy for both. For example, custom outdoor signs installed on a storefront or building façade make your business stand out in the community. Custom indoor signs installed in lobbies or high-traffic areas improve the customer experience by creating a welcoming environment.

Custom signage allows your business to shine in its own distinct way. Each custom sign is designed to reflect your brand, by offering the ability to personalize its size, design, materials, and message. Align your signs with what your business wants to communicate to a specific audience.

There is a wide range of custom sign types available, along with various personalization offerings, from the materials and design to the shape and lighting. These custom options affect a sign’s price, so we’re happy to provide a quote for your project specifically. Reach out to us to discuss your project.

Certain types of custom signs can be designed to be waterproof. Materials like acrylic or metal are waterproof, so let us know this is a requirement and we will cater your sign to accommodate it. We’re happy to evaluate your needs and your signage location to offer you our recommendations on which sign type will be most effective.

LA Sign Studio is a sign shop in Los Angeles that you can trust. When crafting signage, you need a partner on your side that understands your brand, goals, and vision. We’re a local sign company that will take the time to learn more about your company so that we can design, craft, and install premium signs.

We use premium materials and state-of-the-art technology at LA Sign Studio to offer our customers long-lasting signs. With effective production and professional installation services, your signage is sure to remain vibrant and secure for its maximum lifespan. Our experienced designers and fabricators are experts in their field, making them your perfect support team.

Reach out to us at LA Sign Studio for all-encompassing support for custom signs. We offer a complete process that covers all the services needed to make custom signs a reality for your business. We oversee design, production, and installation, as well as maintenance and repair, if needed. Request a consultation with our team to get started.