Everything You Need to Know About Monument Signs in Los Angeles

Custom Modern Monument Signs In Los Angeles

It’s no secret that a large, impressive sign outside your business will draw attention in Los Angeles. Modern monument signs are a signage solution that will work wonders in this regard, helping to get your business noticed and attract people to your location.
If you’re considering monument signage for your business, you’re making a smart investment. As you plan the details of your sign project, here’s everything you should know prior to taking the plunge.

What is a Monument Sign?

This type of sign is large, free-standing is constructed at a low height – traditionally ground level – and is strategically placed outside a building, near a busy road intersection, or by an entranceway. This increases the sign’s visibility and notifies people that they are close to your location, making it a powerful marketing tool for passersby.
The stature, design, and architecture of monument signage are not to be overlooked. These impressive qualities are designed to make a lasting impact that helps people remember your business. Furthermore, monument signs can be made of a variety of materials, such as brick, stone, and metal, that make them long-lasting and durable.

Benefits of Having Monument Signage

Monument signage boasts a wide range of business advantages. First and foremost, this prominent LED monument sign will help people notice your business. But the benefits don’t stop there. Here are several reasons why you can look forward to having a notable sign:
• Enhance the visibility of your business
• Create a welcoming entryway for employees and visitors alike
• Complement the features of your facility to enhance professionalism and visual appeal
• Boost your brand presence for the long term
• Add illumination, a message board, and more features for a modern monument sign
• Share your business name, address, directions, and other details to inform guests

What Types of Monument Signs Are Available?

Varied combinations of signage shapes, styles, materials, and additional features give your business an opportunity to create monument signage that’s truly unique. Consider some of the following signage types when designing the ideal sign for your business needs:
• Architectural Monument Signs
• Brick Monument Signs
• Electronic Monument Signs
• Foam Monument Signs
• LED Monument Signs
Outdoor Directory Signs

How to Craft a Custom Monument Sign?

Planning, designing, crafting, and installing a sign of this size requires guidance from experienced sign-makers. Businesses in Los Angeles can turn to LA Sign Studio for support with these services. We oversee all the steps necessary to deliver your business with a striking sign. Plus, we offer you the ability to craft a custom monument sign that’s personalized for your needs and budget.

Begin by reaching out to us today. We can’t wait to learn more about your business and discuss how an impactful sign will garner more attention for your brand in Los Angeles. We’re happy to walk you through all the signage options available as well as the steps that will bring your sign to life.

Get in touch with us at LA Sign Studio to learn more and get started.




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