Acrylic Signs
Custom Acrylic Signs in Los Angeles

Custom Acrylic Signs in Los Angeles

What are acrylic signs, you ask? They are colorless, transparent, and durable signage solutions, which makes them the perfect substitute for glass. Otherwise known as plexiglass signs in Los Angeles, they are a simple and elegant addition to any business space, especially because they can be customized to match the aesthetic of your brand.

Due to their many benefits, it is most common to see them used as acrylic office signs. However, they can be used for so much more. Companies from a variety of industries are turning to custom acrylic signs to add a hint of personality to their workspaces. Are you looking to do the same?

LA Sign Studio is one of the best sign companies for acrylic signs Los Angeles. Our goal is to produce signs for all your business needs that are catered to your branding and desired aesthetic. Our collaborative process creates a partnership between your Los Angeles business and ours and guarantees your best interest is at the heart of our project.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Types of Acrylic Signs

Here is a list of acrylic office sign options that we can create for your business:

Opacity and color are very important factors when using acrylic to generate a specific atmosphere in your Los Angeles office space. Review the following alternatives to understand which caters to your business needs more closely:

Clear acrylic signs

Like glass, clear acrylic allows for complete transparency in a space without the concern of it breaking or shattering.

Milky acrylic signs

The happy medium between clear and frosted is milky acrylic, as it is translucent, which provides semi-privacy.

Frosted acrylic signs

Frosted acrylic adds a polished, modern look to your space, while adding the benefit of privacy as it is opaque.

The cost of acrylic signs Los Angeles should be understood as a range, as the investment required to produce these signs is dependent on a business’s decision for the following elements:

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Customization
  • Illumination
  • Shape

Reach out to us today to discuss your desired acrylic wall signs, and we will provide you with a quote for acrylic printing Los Angeles.

Uses of Acrylic Business Signs

As the types of signs that are available in acrylic are limitless, the uses for these signs are plentiful. The best way to maximize your business’s benefit of these signs is to better understand what they can offer you.


Accomplish a simple, yet elegant aesthetic with acrylic sign printing. This option looks clean and brings a space together with minimal effort.


If your business is seeking an effortless way to increase the privacy your office space has, frosted plexiglass signs are a solution.


This signage solution is a cost-effective way to transform your business through the small details.


Although it looks like glass, acrylic is a strong material that resists shattering and breaking. Gain the benefits of a material like glass without the disadvantages that go along with it.

Custom Acrylic Sign Printing in Los Angeles

Finding an Acrylic Sign Maker in Los Angeles

While it may not be difficult to find plexiglass in Los Angeles, finding a sign company that you trust with your business could be. Look no further than LA Sign Studio, the one-stop shop for any business signage that you could dream up. Our goal to create innovative, captivating signage is what drives our partnership with business owners like yourself. Whether frosted wall signs or custom acrylic wayfinding signs, we are ready for anything.

Contact LA Sign Studio today to begin discussing how acrylic signs will elevate your business.