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Custom Truck Wraps in Los Angeles

Custom Truck Wraps Los Angeles

Does your Los Angeles business have company vehicles? Have you considered integrating them into your marketing strategy to expand your customer reach and boost your sales? 

Truck wraps are large stickers that are designed for and installed on your company trucks. They are created with high-quality, adhesive material to ensure the advertisement stays put while the vehicle is in motion. Commercial truck wraps are an effective way to expand your advertising reach, as people will see them either stationed near your store, parked on a road, or driving on a highway. Wrapping your box truck is sure to get you noticed.

Finding perfectly customized truck wraps in Los Angeles is effortless when you choose to partner with LA Sign Studio. Our signage company is known for creating eye-catching custom truck graphics that cater to a business’s branding guidelines.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Types of Truck Wraps

There are two main types of business truck wraps: temporary and long-term. Temporary wraps are extremely popular, as they are easily installed and removed. They are great for short-term promotions, as the wraps usually last for several months or up to a year. 

Long-term wraps use a higher quality vinyl material to make sure they can last for several years. These vinyl truck wraps are excellent for traditional advertising that includes the company name, logo, slogan, and any product or service that is long-standing.

It is important to understand what your objectives are for your signage, so we can specify the cost of the truck wraps best for your business. They require little effort to remove from vehicles, so they can be used on rental trucks too. By installing truck graphics, your business has a billboard on wheels for as long as you would like. This kind of advertising expands your target audience pool with its mobility, and it is much more cost-effective than investing in an actual billboard.
Truck wraps vary in size, depending on the amount of information and size of the graphic you are looking to install. Full vehicle wrap offer more room to provide valuable information and an eye-catching design. They are an excellent choice for increasing brand recognition and visibility on the road.

Partial graphics are also an excellent option if your business wants to try out custom truck wraps or reduce the overall cost investment. This kind of wrap may consist of vinyl lettering or a small graphic.

From food trucks wraps to delivery trucks, there is no truck that we cannot customize for your business. Reach out to us for a quote.

Commercial Truck Wraps for Corona in Los Angeles

Finding Food Truck Wraps Near You

Here at LA Sign Studio, we understand the importance of finding advertising methods that will attract attention and benefit your Los Angeles business the most. Our mission is to provide you with the perfect signage solution that caters to your branding perfectly. If you are considering adding truck decals to your company vehicles, we are ready to dive in and create the best graphics for your business. 

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