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A-Frame Signs in Los Angeles

Looking for a way to drive traffic to your business in Los Angeles? There are a range of exterior signs that will help get your business noticed in the community. In fact, even a sign as simple as an A-frame sign near me can make a big impact. These signs are strategically placed outside your business to catch the eye of passersby and pique their interest. An impressive sign could be just the tactic that compels them to become your next customers.

The professional team at LA Sign Studio will support you in crafting a sign that does just that. We create innovative signs and graphics for businesses in Los Angeles, and we look forward to working with you.


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A Frame Sandwich Board Signs Los Angeles, CA

What is A-Frame Sign Printing?

This describes the process of creating display boards for your signs. An A-frame is a type of sign that’s crafted from two displays made into the shape of an “A”. They are typically placed right outside your storefront to attract attention. You’ll appreciate the relatively low cost of these custom signs, along with their ability to drive more traffic to your business.
At LA Sign Studio, we’ll work with you to ensure your signs achieve this objective with our expert design and creation services. Our well-trained team understands the elements of effective signs, and we’re ready to guide you in crafting signs that make an impact.

Types of Custom A-Frame Signs Los Angeles

There are several sign options that can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Some of these options include:

A-Frame Menu Board Signs

Invite customers into your restaurant, café, bar, or other food-service establishment. Showcase your daily specials, popular menu items, and more.

A-Frame Open House Signs

Attract attention for your next open house or event with signs that get noticed in your local Los Angeles community.

A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

Place signs outside your business and attract attention from passersby. Take advantage of both sides of your business sign for the most impact.

A-Frame Sandwich Board Signs

Even inside your business, A-frame signs are effective tools for promoting specific products to guests or point them towards key areas or promotions you have available.

Uses of A-Frame Sandwich Board Signs

Some of the benefits of these signs include:

More Visibility

Generate attention at a key time when people are right outside your business.


Use your A-frames indoors and outdoors to get the most use of your signs.

Branding and Personalization

Craft designs that reflect your branding and fit your business aesthetic.


Take advantage of the relatively low cost of A-frame signs, while still making a big impact.

Custom A Frame Signs Los Angeles Ca

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At LA Sign Studio, your brand’s visibility is our responsibility. We’re a signage partner that takes time to understand your brand, goals, and vision so that we’re able to craft signs aligning with exactly what you need.

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