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What are environmental graphics? Environmental graphics combine many design elements, such as architectural, design, graphic, landscape, and industrial design, that concern communicating an identity and sharing a story through an experience. The goal is to create signage that connects people to a place.

An office’s interior design should be organized, communicative, and branded to reflect the core values and personality of your business. An effortless way to achieve this type of space is by installing modern office signs. By focusing on the user experience, you will transform your business into the ultimate office space.


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Custom Environmental Graphics & Signage

Choosing Your Sign Business Partner

As the leading environmental design agency in Los Angeles, LA Sign Studio works with businesses and organizations to combine high-quality office interior design solutions, beautiful office spaces, and branding guidelines.

Benefits & Uses of Environmental Graphics

Our environments impact the way we feel, so how does your business environment make others feel?

By using environmental graphics, you can gain the following advantages:

  • Create a humanized connection between a space and people.
  • Customize your user experience.
  • Brand your office with business name, logo, and/or slogan.
  • Install custom signage (ADA, wayfinding, exhibition, etc.).
  • Showcase company timeline.
  • Prepare corporate displays.

Work with our team to create a positive, immersive customer experience.

Types of Environmental Graphics

With 1 in 2 Americans not entering a store due to poor signage, it is not an option to “hope for the best” with your corporate office branding. Whether you select a modern office design or more traditional ambience, having a vision that can be accomplished through signage is important. Our team can help make your vision a reality with the right type of sign solution.

There are all types of environmental signs that will offer customers a positive experience and inspire employees, including:

Do custom signs need to break the bank? We don’t think so. We will help you maximize the impact and minimize the cost of environmental signs. Mix office design and functionality and turn your Los Angeles business into a truly stunning place to be.

Finding Environmental Graphic Design Firms in LA

Take your office interiors seriously by investing in captivating signage. LA Sign Studio is the best office design company that will dive into what your business objectives are and how environmental signs can be used to accomplish them. Our expert team has years of experience with high-quality, modern office interior designs. We will help your business stand out to customers and from your competitors with office branding and custom signage.

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