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Custom Office Door Signs in Los Angeles

Are you generating the best first impressions both inside and outside of your business? If you’re not sure, it is time to consider custom door signs. Customers, guests, clients, and employees alike interact with your business’s front door, meaning it is a great opportunity to impress, persuade, and inform them to walk through.

Business doors signs provide the perfect way to interact with potential customers or clients without lifting a finger. Promote your business and offer essential information that will ensure anyone who walks into your business will enjoy themselves. While it may seem like a small detail, it is often the smallest details that go the longest way in impressing customers.

Businesses in Los Angeles can rely on LA Sign Studio for professional office signs. We want to help your business expand with captivating signs and a supportive team that will lead you every step of the way in the signage process. If you can dream it, we can make it.


What type of signage are you looking for?

Types of Door Signs

Your business’s entrance is a crucial point of contact between your business and potential customers. Its appearance is what determines whether someone will want to enter or walk right past. People can learn a lot about a business from its signage, so what do you want to communicate with yours? That’s what makes these office signs so important.

Here are some examples of both exterior and interior door signs that you can choose from:

  • Office name signs
  • Door plaques
  • ADA signs
  • Exit signs
  • Home office door signs
  • Restroom signs
  • Room number signs
  • Vinyl door signs or vinyl door graphics

As there are so many types, the cost of door signs is a range that is dependent on numerous factors. From the size to the customization to the material used, each element contributes to understanding the investment needed to transform your Los Angeles business. If you reach out to us today, we can provide you with a quote after discussing your business objectives.

Uses for Door Signs

Each office door sign has a purpose in a workspace, which must be clearly and effortlessly communicated to onlookers, both in a visual and linguistic way. This ensures that the user experience of your office space is positive.

Interior office door signs are an excellent way to prevent any confusion or anxiety about walking through a door. Instill your employees and clients with the confidence to find and walk through the correct door by marking it clearly.

Office door signs in LA label all meeting rooms, board rooms, and offices. By making navigation easy for all parties that set foot in your business, your professionalism and attention to detail will shine.

Give yourself the gift of space with hanging door signs. By using the ceiling to mount signs, you’re gaining back valuable floor space that can be utilized for additional purposes. This type of signage also catches the eye of customers effortlessly, as it isn’t a traditional way to display a sign.

Custom Vinyl Door Sign for Bravado

Finding the Best Door Signs Near You

To begin our collaborative process of creating your perfect door signs, contact LA Sign Studio today. We are excited to work with you to achieve your business goals and watch your Los Angeles business soar.

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