Design Tips to Elevate Your Brand with Custom Acrylic Signs

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If you’re looking for sleek, modern signs to enhance your workplace, acrylic signs in Los Angeles are tools you can count on for success. This type of sign is refined, elegant, and can be customized to match not only the aesthetic of your space but also your brand.

Personalizing your sign with your company’s colors, fonts, graphics, and more will infuse elements of your brand into each sign, ensuring your workplace signage system is cohesive. Every sign will act as a touchpoint for your brand, helping people build valuable recognition each time they interact with one of your custom acrylic signs.

How to Develop the Most Impactful Custom Acrylic Signs?

Acrylic can be crafted into different shapes and sizes to suit your signage needs. Whether you’re developing a door sign, logo sign, or hanging sign, there are many ways to personalize its construction to meet your requirements. However, it’s also important to focus on your sign’s design. An impactful design is what will truly make your custom acrylic signs stand out, leaving a lasting impression and keeping your business top of mind.

Consider the following design tips for your sign:
Color and Font Selections
Colors and fonts key elements that will help your signage generate attention. For a bold, vibrant sign, bright colors and expressive fonts are the perfect fit for a work environment that is creative and energetic. On the other hand, subtle, refined colors and simpler fonts are excellent for an environment that aims to relax customers and encourage employee productivity.
As you make design decisions, be sure to keep in mind if the colors and fonts align with your branding. Using brand elements within your signs will create consistency and transform them into marketing materials, helping people remember your business.

Logos and Graphics
Like colors and fonts, including your logo and other company graphics on your sign will help make your brand distinct and recognizable. If you’re crafting a large acrylic logo sign for your lobby or entranceway, it’s best to work with a team of indoor signage experts; we’ll ensure your logo is reflected accurately and to scale so that you showcase a professional image. The same holds true for door signs, nameplates, and other sign types that may include your logo on a smaller scale! You’ll want to ensure your branded graphics are incorporated seamlessly so that you leave a positive impression every time someone sees your sign.

Messaging and Text
The messages you choose to include on your sign will resonate best if they’re clear and succinct. Less is often more when it comes to how much text you should display. People may only have a moment or two to interact with a sign, so a message that is short and to the point will be delivered effectively and efficiently.

Your Signage Partner for Acrylic Signs in Los Angeles

Working with signage experts ensures your brand elements are accurately captured on your sign, showcasing a professional image and distinctive presence. In Los Angeles, rely on LA Sign Studio for not only the design but manufacturing and installation of acrylic logo signs, office signs, door signs, and more.

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