Crafting Your Brand’s Identity with Custom Outdoor Signs

Exterior Signage for Business in Los Angeles

You can count on outdoor signage to be an impactful tool for showcasing your brand identity. Outdoor signs that are strategically placed let more people know where you’re located, advertise what you have to offer, and help keep your business top of mind.

To achieve these objectives and more, there are several sign types awaiting you – each with their own set of benefits that you can count on for brand promotion.
In this blog, we’ll explore six types of custom outdoor signs that will put your brand at the forefront and help generate attention for your business in Los Angeles, CA.

Dimensional Signs
These signs feature individually cut letters that can spell out your company name, wordmark, or even showcase your logo. Their 3D nature makes them pop against their mounting surface so that your signs stand out. This prominence makes them easy to see from multiple angles, allowing you to attract the most attention, whether it be from motorists, pedestrians, or other passersby.

Channel Letters
Like dimensional signs, channel letters feature 3D installations that can display your business name or logo. The key difference with these signs is that they are illuminated from within; each letter contains a channel for lighting that makes your sign visible 24/7, even in bad weather. Whether it’s day or night, your brand will be at the forefront with your vibrant outdoor sign.

Monument Signs
If you’re looking for a custom outdoor sign that offers a wide range of personalization options, monument signs shouldn’t be overlooked. These signs are prominent fixtures that become landmarks for your business location. They’re crafted from a variety of materials, allowing them to be customized in size and style to align with your business landscape. With a strategic location – either along a roadway, on the lawn of your business, or near your entrance – monument signs create a focal point for your business and effectively promote your brand.

Outdoor Banners
Banners are an appealing option if you’re looking for an outdoor sign that’s cost-effective, versatile, and flexible. With a variety of banner options, business owners can choose based on what they need. For example, a mesh banner allows wind to pass through it, preventing tears and making it easy for people to read your sign in adverse weather conditions. Additional types of banners can be used where and when you need them, giving you the flexibility to transport your banner to events, trade shows, and other locations.

Post and Panel Signs
These signs allow you to display additional information about your business operations. Some companies use these signs to list multiple tenants in a complex, parking information, directional details, and more.
Our team at LA Sign Studio will support you with developing clear, concise information to make these signs as effective as possible. You can also count on us for exterior sign installation in Los Angeles to ensure your sign is placed in a strategic, visible location.

Pylon Signs
Pylon signs stand taller than the rest, anywhere from 20 to 80 feet off the ground. This height advantage often positions them above buildings and other structures, ensuring visibility and impact. You can depend on these signs to spread your brand message widely and act as a beacon that helps guide customers to your location.

LA Sign Studio: Your Partner for Outdoor Signage in Los Angeles, CA

To begin developing any of our noted sign types, connect with our professional team of signage experts at LA Sign Studio. We’re happy to walk you through our full list of sign solutions, allowing you to determine which sign works best for your unique needs.

We’ll do this by kicking off your signage project with a consultation. Here, we’ll get to know the details of your business and the goal you’re looking to achieve with an outdoor sign. Once we’ve discussed the details of your project, we will spring into action to bring it to life. We offer support with design, manufacturing, and exterior sign installation in Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking to boost your brand identity or make more people aware of your business, we can make it happen.

Creating the most effective and impactful signs requires working with a signage partner who takes the time to understand your brand, goals, and vision. Our professional team at LA Sign Studio is one you can count on for this individualized approach; your brand’s visibility is our responsibility.

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